Confidentiality and the attorney-client relationship

All communications between attorney and client are strictly confidential and the attorney cannot be compelled to divulge attorney-client communications. This right is protected by statute and inumerable court cases. However, it is important to understand that communications with The Law Offices of A. Don Forester by e-mail, including use of information resources provided by a WWW server or other Internet resource, does not create an attorney-client relationship, without specific mutual agreement. An attorney-client relationship can be created by e-mail, but only by a direct and clear agreement. No implied agreement should be assumed.

Accordingly, care should be taken not to communicate confidential information, absent such confirmation. You should use e-mail and the other information services that The Law Office of A. Don Forester provides only as a means of learning more about us. If an agreement is reached for legal services, clients should then discuss how to best exchange confidential information over the Internet.